I-Contention 2022

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I-contention 2022

22 December 2022, Nusa Putra University, Sukabumi

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The 1st International Conference on Consumer Technology dan Engineering Innovation

We will bring together top technical professional sfrom the consumer electronics industry and academia to exchange information  and results of state-of-the-art work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications. Attending I-contention 2022, researchers, system developers, and service providers can share their ideas, designs and experience in emerging technologies


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Choo Yun Huoy 

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)



Important Dates


22 December 2022


Paper Receipt

1 October 2022 – 20 December 2022


Paper Notification

21 December 2022



21 December 2022




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Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 

Display Technologies

Network TV, 3D Imaging and Display, Visual Media Communication, Digital Signage, Public Viewing

AV Processing & Streaming

Still and Video Cameras, Audio Systems and Technologies, Video Processing and Codecs, Recording, Storage Compression, Transcoding, Content Indexing, Video Enhancement, Interactive Video Streaming, Visual Quality Assessment, AV System Evaluation

Wireless & RF in CE

Antennas, Acquisition, Equalization, Spectrum Usage, Software Radio, Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 Standards, Bluetooth, RFID, WPAN, Wireless Power Transmission

Home Networks & Services

Wired and Wireless Networks at Home, Home Gateway, QoS, Peer-to-Peer, Bridges, Interoperability, Application Control, PVR, Home Theater, Interconnects, Gaming Devices and Systems, Internet Integration

Mobile Computing & Communications

Mobile Broadband, Handheld and Wearable Computers, Personal Multimedia Devices, Next-Generation Cellular, AV Streaming to Handheld Devices, Smart Phone Technologies

Automotive & Transportation

Navigation, Transportation, Driver Assistance, Car AV Systems, In-Car Internet, Communication Aspects, Sensors and Controls for Automotive, Automotive UI

User Interfaces & Experience in CE

Gesture Operation, Multitouch, Natural User Interface, Haptics, User Experience, HCI for CE, Usability, User Centered Design, Accessibility, Special-Needs/Assistive Technology

Security & Right Management

Copy and Redistribution Protection, Payments, Parental Controls, CE and Digital Content Issues, Data Collection, Biometrics, Privacy, Encryption

Storage & Digital Media

Optical Storage, Magnetic Storage, Next-generation Storage Media, Semiconductor, Storage Technology, Cloud Media, Interactive Media, CE and Cloud Computing

Smart Grid and CE

Smart House, HEMS, BEMS, FEMS, CEMS, Smart Meter, Power Monitor, Energy Storage, On-site Power Generation, Sensor and Network for Smart Grid, Internet of Things

Home Medical & Healthcare

Home Medical Equipment, Medical IT/ICT, Wellness Devices, Healthcare Application

Embedded Technologies

Embedded System, Embedded OS, Embedded Software, Advanced Semiconductors, Development Tools, High-density Mounting

Green Energy

Solar Cell, Wind-generated Electricity for CE, Energy Harvesting, Rechargeable Energy

Enabling Technologies

High Speed Signals and Interconnects, Algorithms, Intellectual Property, Manufacturing and Test Technology for CE, Recyclable Engineering, Product Safety, White Goods

Innovation in Mechanical and Thermal Systems

Renewable energy, Energy conversion, Mechanical System Engineering, Machine construction, Vibration and control, Mechatronics, Tribology, Production system and technology, Production logistics and transportation, Materials Engineering, Nano technology

Innovation in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems

Production Planning and Inventory Control, Ergonomic and Work Study, Product Design and Development, Supply Chain and Logistics, Optimization and Mathematical Modeling, Information System, Manufacturing Facility Design, Financial and Asset Management, Industrial Policy Study, Maintenance System, Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Industrial Revolution 4.0

Innovation in Environmental Engineering

Water and Wastewater Quality, Solid Waste Management, Air Pollution Control, Environmental Health, Environmental Modeling, Environmental Management, Water Resources Management, Occupational Health and Safety

Innovation Civil Engineering Solutions

Material and structure, Transportation, Geotechnical, Water resource engineering, Project management, Disaster management

Innovation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Smart grid and control, Business and Renewable energy, High Voltage engineering, Energy Conversion Systems, Power System analysis, Battery and Energy storage, Electrical transportation, Robotics, Brain Machine Interface, Control Theory and Applications, Measurement, System and Information,
Communication Engineering, Internet of Things

Computer Science & Engineering

Artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Computer Software and application, Data mining & big data, Image processing, Computer security, Cryptography and Steganography, Machine learning, Natural network, GIS and computer science, Information technology & engineering related

Honorary Chairs

- Dr. Kurniawan (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

- Prof. Dr. H. M. Kusmawan (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

- Anggy Pradiftha Junfithrana, M.T. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)


Honorary Chair:

- Dr. Kurniawan (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

- Prof. Dr. H. M. Kusmawan (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

- Anggy Pradiftha Junfithrana, M.T. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)


General Chair:

Aryo De Wibowo MS, S.T., M.T. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)


Technical Program Committee:

-Anang Suryana, S.Pd., M.Si. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

-Muchtar Ali Setyo Yudono, S.T., M.T. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

-Marina Artiyasa, S.T., M.T. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)


Steering Committee:

-Samsul Pahmi, M.Pd. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

-M. Muslih, M.Kom. (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

-Prasetya Hartanto, S.E., M.M.  (Nusa Putra University, Indonesia)

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